About me

I started playing the piano at the age of four, catching some familiar melodies from the tv or radio and playing them by ear on my older sister’s little Casio keyboard. My mum showed me how to play “Flea Waltz” (I was amazed about playing a tune crossing my hands one above the other!).

When I was six my class sang and dance a Christmas Carol at the school. I was the one singing in tune and much louder than the other kids. At that time I never had a music or piano lesson but the school music teacher asked my mum to enrol me in the Conservatorie of Music as I had musical skills.

Both my parents played some guitar and they had, and still have, beautiful voices. My father sang as a boy in the Cathedral boys choir of his hometown. But none in my family ever had a proper music training apart from the basic at school so all this Conservatorie of Music thing was kind of new for all of us.

I was enrol at the age of 9. They were great times. I enjoyed every moment there, attending the lessons and being completely immerse in all that brand new world for me.

The piano official degree in Spain consists in fourteen years. You cover there every aspect of music: piano, chamber music, solfa, music history, composition, improvisation, sight reading, harmony, transposition and accompaniment, ear training, choir among others. So I can offer a rounded education to all my students often including singing, music history and other elements on my piano lessons.

Music is a very important part of my life but I also enjoy outdoors activities like climbing and trekking. I like to read and playing video games and I am teaching myself how to skateboard.

I always thought that being eclectic enriches you as a person.

Musical education

I am a Piano Performance Licenciate by the Royal Conservatorie of Music of Granada, Spain.

The Piano degree in Spain consists in 14 years of studies where you learn not only to play the piano but all the other aspects of classical and modern music as well.

Wanting to train more as a pianist and a piano teacher I participated in numerous music courses and workshops in subjects like harmony, music history, piano performance, ABRSM, Dogs and Birds piano method for children during my studies and after getting my degree. I also hold a Qualified Teacher Status diploma and I am CBS checked.

I  have attended and taken part on Piano Performance masterclasses by international pianists such as Ramon Coll, Alexander Kandelaki and Angel Sanzo, among others.